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Case Studies:

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ASI Case Study:
Appointment Setting for the Software Development Industry

... ASI needed a reliable call center with quality control that verified all their appointments. They also wanted a call center environment with incentives for callers. Their previous vendor did not have reliable agents calling regularly, leading to inconsistent return of investment...
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Axis Communications Case Study:
Event Recruitment and Data Cleansing in the Video Security Industry

... In 2013, Axis Communications set out to identify a call center partner. Though they had in-house support, they wanted to improve upon their event recruitment efforts as well as clean up the data in their contact database... 
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BSI Case Study:
Corporate Benefits Event Registration & Appointment Setting

... BSI is a boutique agency and their resources were spread thin with their rapid growth.  They needed an expert team to help generate warm leads...  BSI was amazed with Call Center Services’s ability to act as a brand advocate and grow their leads in such a short amount of time...
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CloudVelox Case Study:
Appointment Setting in the Software Technology Industry

... CloudVelox was looking for an alternative to hiring lead development representatives in-house... This call center had to be one that they could trust and feel comfortable with, and who could ultimately increase their revenue...
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Security Industry Case Study



Case Study:
Event Recruitment in the Security Industry

... The client is the largest alarm distributor in the country... this client had not used a call center... they were desperately seeking a team who was familiar with the security business and that could help increase attendance at their security expo and events...
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Pivot3 Case Study:
Event Follow-Up and Telemarketing in the Hyper Converged Infrastructure Industry

... Pivot3 wanted help bridging the gap between sales and marketing. They needed prompt follow-up with leads generated by their marketing programs... Pivot3 needed a change of pace to help move things move along smoother...
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Hosted Telecom Solutions Case Study:
Appointment Setting in the IT Managed Services Industry

Hosted Telecom Solutions previously had help from another call center and was unhappy with their service. Their previous service was lacking capabilities in reporting, meetings, qualifications and important details. They needed a service that did a thorough reporting and data scrubbing, as well as solid ways to set meetings.
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HighRoad Solution Case Study:
Appointment Setting in the Associations & Non-Profits Industry

HighRoad Solution was looking to get help with a re-previsioning campaign to try to get some of their opted out contacts to opt back in, as well as setting appointments with some of their more recent contacts.
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Customer Testimonials, Reviews and Comments:

Hosted Telecom Solutions:
"Kristina and Cassandra and Ashley along with the rest of team provide a great service to any industry looking to build a pipeline. Their analytical reporting is outstanding, along with attention to details and weekly updates make a difference. I would recommend them to anyone looking for sales generation."
- Colin King, Hosted Telecom Solutions.

Kelly Challenger is Vice President of Marketing at salesEQUITY, a B2B marketing leader with extensive demand generation and marketing firm out of the Greater Boston area. Kelly received a call from an Appointment Setting Pros’ brand advocates, and was impressed with her skill set and abilities. In fact, she was the inspiration for a blog article on salesEQUITY’s website.
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"Thanks very much for your efforts throughout this campaign! The data that has been collected and number of appointments set has certainly exceeded our expectations.  It’s be interesting for us to get a full understanding of how many of these “C Level” customers we can bring back to a higher level of business once the initial appointments are complete and relationships are restored."
- Joseph E. Byron, Jr., Vice President Sales: Americas

“In this year alone, Appointment Setting Pros generated $3.5M in new pipeline for Pivot3. The team is organized, responds quickly to requests and is always pleasant to work with. I was impressed by their agility and ability to quickly make changes to the program to meet the needs of our business. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an outsourced telemarketing team or to supplement an internal BDR team.”
-Stacey Bucklin, former Senior Marketing Programs Manager, Pivot3