CASE STUDY: Appointment Setting (UDI)

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Customer objectives

AnswerNet started working with Universal Data Inc. (UDI) in June of 2019. AnswerNet’s agents’ responsibilities include calling potential clients and setting appointments for Universal Data’s sales representatives.

About UDI

Universal Data provides technology solutions to businesses in the Gulf Coast region. They tailored their project management methodologies to support complex technology relocations and create their unique project management program.

The challenges

Universal Data was looking to build their pipeline. However, they did not have the bandwidth to handle outbound projects. They needed support with appointment setting and their partner awareness campaigns.  

The solution

According to a UDI executive, they partnered with AnswerNet “because of their experience in my industry, and because they partnered with me on weekly calls and updates to understand the progress towards (program) success.” AnswerNet is dedicated to working hand-in-hand with Universal Data to ensure a successful execution of UDI’s appointment setting and partner awareness campaigns.

The results

Universal Data stated, “Because we have a long-term engagement that is not tied to a lead quota but rather program success, it allowed a partnership between our businesses.” AnswerNet and UDI collaborated on two campaigns which met and exceeded the goals for each.

The bottom line: UDI was able to directly convert multiple opportunities from these campaigns and expand their business.

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