Working on List HygieneBased on many of our conversations with you – our appreciated clients and prospects - there is a very common demon that is plaguing some of your sales cycles. It’s not what you expect. This is an age-old, insidious issue – and it has nothing to do with anyone’s budgets, not yours or that of your prospects.

It’s your……LISTS.

The List Demon Feeds on your Best Intentions

I know this is a source of great frustration for you. You did have a plan. When January came you said you were going to straighten out your list, and put a process in place for keeping your contacts updated at least quarterly – you knew updates were going to be even more critical this year.  So you put resources against the effort. Some of you hired a contractor, others attempted to leverage your insides sales or marketing folks, others hired interns – and at the end of the quarter, the project either wasn’t done, or it wasn’t done effectively. Why? Because list management is demonic! It’s far bigger, and has more tentacles than you could ever imagine. It’s not a one or two person job. It takes a village, armed with very effective weapons, to get your marketing database under control.  We know this – because we do this successfully.

Poof! Turning your Demon into a Prince of a Sales Pipeline

One of the most important by-products of our outbound calling campaigns, as well as our email campaigns, is not only lead generation, but an up-to-date list. It’s not a linear progression – you don’t need to start with a perfect list before we begin calling. But if you use CCS to update your list as we call against it, you will end up with a perfect list. Not only will it be current – but it may be larger than the list you originally provide as we uncover the right contacts. And we can build out your list with more organizations that need your services.

We’d like to talk to you about attacking your list demon today. In the time it takes you to say “I can’t believe first quarter is over!” we can be well on the way to an updated list, and a pipeline of leads – for less than the cost of one full-time internal resource. 

Contact us today!