Appointment Setting and Lead Generation FAQs

What is Appointment Setting?

Appointment setting is a business process wherein skilled appointment setters call leads, qualify them as prospective customers and decision makers, and then schedules an appointment for them with a salesperson or representative.

What is a Decision Maker?

A decision maker is a person who makes important decisions for a business or household. The key decision makers can vary depending on the types of services or products being offered. For a business, the decision maker often may be a director, manager, executive, administrator or owner.

What is a Lead?

In sales, a lead is an individual or organization that has expressed an interest in your types of products or services. Leads may come from various sources and activities including websites, personal referrals, telephone calls, email, advertisements and events.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of initiating interest or inquiry into the services or products of a business. Methods for generating leads can include activities such as advertising, Internet content marketing, telemarketing and customer referrals.

What is Lead Qualification?

Lead qualification is the process of determining if a lead meets certain criteria or requirements and therefore likely to purchase and are ready for sales engagement. The criteria is set marketing professional and varies by types of business, service and product.

What is a Qualified Lead?

A qualified lead is a lead that meets certain criteria and is therefore considered to be ready-to-buy and ready for contact by a salesperson or representative. The the rules and criteria defining a qualified lead vary by industry, product types and services.

What is Multi-Channel Lead Generation?

Multi-Channel Lead Generation is a lead generation process utilizing multiple methods of communicating with prospective customers. Communication channels can include phone calls, email marketing, social media marketing, live chat, web and mobile strategies.  

What is Target Marketing?

Target marketing is a marketing strategy wherein the entire market is broken down into segments and marketing efforts are focused on the segments consisting of prospects whose desires and needs most closely match your service or product offerings.

What is Outsourced Lead Generation?

Outsourced lead generation is a business strategy wherein an organization hands off a controlled process of qualifying sales opportunities to a team of specialists. Companies outsource sales lead generation to get more leads faster and for less money than if they hired internal resources to handle the process.

What is a Client Services Manager?

A client services manager, sometimes called a customer relations manager or a key accounts manager, is a sales team position whose role is to makes sure customers or clients receive assistance in a helpful, efficient manner.

What is a Business Development Specialist?

A business development specialist is a sales team position that is responsible for researching new business opportunities, creating business plans and identifying opportunities to generate additional revenue.


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