Our Process

Project Launch

Before beginning any appointment setting, event registration, or list hygiene campaign, a professional consultation will be performed with one of our experts. During this phase, we will:

  • Define the core prospect, qualification criteria, and classification
  • Identify a clear and concise marketing message
  • Create a call guide using best-in-class conversation and closing tactics
  • Develop ancillary marketing channels such as email messaging for post-call follow up
  • Select a trained Business Development Specialist team for your program
  • Prepare a fully vetted training package, ensuring your brand is represented clearly to our team
  • Import any contact data you might provide for the program, and scrub the list to ensure proper and clean data for the appointment setters
  • Define any reporting requirements necessary to the success of your campaign


Our team will participate in training sessions at the onset of the program. Clients are always encouraged to attend the training session, and give a brief overview of expectations for the program. This session allows the team to obtain clarification on questions they may have pertaining to the program. Prior to this training session, the program manager will meet with the team and review the call guidelines, the qualification criteria, and your campaign goals. The team will be given a training package that will include all related materials.


We send daily appointment(s) and event registration(s) to all clients in electronic format, as well as weekly reports. Our goal is to ensure timely and accurate reporting to ensure you are confident with the program’s progress.

Program Management

We have five layers of support for each campaign. That includes:

  • General Manger: Oversees the relationship with the client, as well as the management of all calling specialists
  • Client Services Manager: Will be your day-to-day contact, and facilitate your weekly program calls
  • Program Supervisor: In charge of training and coaching the reps throughout the campaign
  • Data Team: Manages the reports and all calling data
  • Business Development Specialists – The representatives who call your prospects

A Client Services Manager will be available for consultation as well as for regularly scheduled program reviews throughout the length of the program. These consultations will ensure that leads contain the information that has been promised and are of the quality desired by you.