B2B Lead Generation Services

B2B Lead Generation Agents

Outsource the B2B Lead Generation Process to Appointment Setting Pros

Our B2B lead generation services include support for any step in the process, including up to a complete lead generation solution.

Identify Your Target Audience

CCS's B2B lead generation specialists and appointment setting pros can assist you in identifying List Vendors and developing a list of leads in your target audience. CCS highly trained agents can then perform the necessary list hygiene and data management services to verify and update prospect contact information.

B2B Appointments with Ready-to-Close Opportunities

Let CCS qualify and nurture the targeted leads, converting them into highly qualified prospects and ready-to-close opportunities. CCS's highly trained professional B2B appointment setters will then schedule face-to-face, telephone or online appointments for your in-house team to close.

The hottest ready-to-close opportunities can be smoothly relayed to your in-house sales staff and CCS can upload the sales leads into your CRM systems to facilitate the follow-up and closure process.

Get More B2B Leads Faster at a Lower Cost

Decrease your time-to-development for your marketing campaigns, reduce management overhead and lower staffing costs by using CCS as your staffing-on-demand lead generation and B2B appointment setting service.

Get more leads faster by using CCS's multi-channel lead generation expertise leveraging not only the phone, but email, search engine marketing and online social media communications as well. Many CCS clients get more leads faster and at a lower cost compared to hiring, training and managing in-house business development personnel.

Status Updates and Reporting to Optimize B2B Lead Generation Campaigns

CCS provides your team with consistent status updates and reporting which provide excellent opportunities for recurring campaign optimization. CCS will provide you with a dedicated program manager who will proactively summarize findings, and suggest improvements for a more a successful campaign.

Each CCS client is also served by database administrators who create consistent and easy-to-read updates of weekly campaign results. Many clients archive their reports or forward them to their management as needed. This can be an important time-saver for your organization, as it tracks the progress of your lead generation campaign.

Key Benefits:

  • Quicker Startup of Campaigns
  • More Quality Leads
  • Better Quality Leads
  • Lower Staffing Costs
  • Reduced Management Overhead
  • Save Time
  • Improved ROI

Key Features:

  • Target Audience and List Development Assistance
  • List Hygiene / Cleanup
  • Lead Qualification
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Appointment Setting
  • Lead Distribution and CRM Entries
  • Updates and Reporting
  • Campaign Optimization
  • List / Database Management

Free Evaluation of B2B Lead Generation Campaign Objectives

While no lead generation company can guarantee success, CCS will evaluate your specific campaign objectives and provide an estimate of what to expect based on their professional experience with similar products and services.

Contact us for a free B2B lead generation campaign evaluation today.