Need relief with COVID19 event notifications? We can help right now.

COVID19 virusNow that COVID-19 has been declared a national emergency and global pandemic, we’re all on the edge of our seats wondering what comes next. None of us know, but we’re all in this together. As a result, conferences, trade shows and other corporate events are being postponed or cancelled entirely across the country and across the world – even the 2020 Olympics are rescheduled for July of 2021.

An overwhelming task.

And for your business, this means everything. And now comes the hard part. Alerting each and every one of your prospects about postponements and cancellations is challenging enough in normal times. But today, with the majority of your events most likely in a state of flux, you may be feeling overwhelmed and short-staffed. We can help you with that.

Relief is in sight.

If you need help right now, our highly skilled Business Development Specialists are ready to work with you. Not only are we able to quickly ramp-up our live contact center agents to be available 24/7, but our Event Marketing & Registration professionals are also able to provide help with:

  • Event cancellation notificationsWork-from-home agent
  • Information about facility closures
  • Details about postponements and new event dates
  • Re-registrations for revised dates (if required)
  • Providing refunds for cancellations
  • Instant email or SMS text messaging follow up
  • Overflow of incoming callers with questions
  • Social media alerts to keep your audiences informed and updated
  • Help with appointment setting to drive one-on-one or “virtual” meetings

We’re here for you. 

We all hope the COVID-19 crisis will be short-lived. But we recognize that until that time, your top priority for your business is keeping your audiences informed and connected. So, if you need us, we're here for you. Call us at (978) 319-2155 or CLICK HERE.