Are you missing out on significant opportunities because you’re not reaching the C-level executives?  Selling to the C-level decision makers can be intimidating and overwhelming for some. Here are a few tips you can use that will help you land those deals and increases your revenue.   

Change your mindset. Everyone is on the same level. High-level executives Business man are usually are very receptive to sales presentations if you are approaching them in the correct manner. Pick up that phone with confidence, believe in yourself, and believe in the value of what you are bringing to the table. Embrace the fact that you are an expert on your product and remember the fundamentals that got you where you are today.

Drop all the fluff, C-Suite executives don’t care about that. These are some of the busiest people that you will work with so don’t waste their time. Get right to the point and respect their time. Present your solution around their bottom-line results.  Prove the value right away. These are the people that create the value of their company and take it from where it is now to where it needs to be.  Show them how your product or service will be beneficial to their company. Go in with hard-hitting facts of why they cannot run their business without your product or service.

Before you make that first call do your research! Not only research the company and the executive you are meeting with but know what’s going on in the industry.  Know everything you can about the person that you are meeting with look them up on LinkedIn and read their bio. Go a little further and watch the presentation that they have done, read articles they have written and know what boards they sit on. Once you know all you can about the person research the company. Look for press releases and see if the company’s financials available? What are the company’s goals? Executives are looking for value in every meeting.  Do your homework form your hypothesis know what the executive’s objectives and go in with a plan of how you can help them get through those challenges. Prove the value of your product or service and always come across as the expert.    

Have the confidence, knowledge and a plan are the first steps to gain the trust and credibility of the executives. By asking proactive thought-provoking questions, it shows that you have a perspective of their business and that you have value to add to the conversation.  When presenting all of these attributes’ executives will start to build a trust level with you.  It will take time, but these are the firsts steps. 

There are many benefits to going right to the top. There is frequently a more significant return when you are dealing with the high-level executives; they hold the “keys” to the budget. They can move money around to pay for anything if they believe that your product or service is going to make their business bottom line grow.  They will pay your price if it improves efficiency and profitability in their company. Therefore, do your homework, stay confident and earn their trust and you will crush your next meeting.