Do you need to improve your event registration? 

By Kristina Beaulieu



As an event organizer, your list of to-dos often seems to never end. You’re responsible for so many different tasks like managing tight budgets, booking sponsors, making sure the event goes well, etc. However, of all your responsibilities, we can probably agree the most important is the need to make sure that your event has a high attendance rate! 

Here are a few three easy ways to improve your event registration rates. 

1.    Consider an outside professional to take care of your event registration: 
People are less likely to register for an event if the registration process requires too many steps. By hiring an appointment setting professional, they will register your prospects for you. They have the ability to call out to your prospects and provide the details of the event such as location, venue, time, speakers, etc. The appointment setting professionals can also make the call guide more attractive by mentioning free food, future classes your event might be correlated with, etc. Entice your potential attendees with a give-away pertinent to them or their industry. They can even provide a confirmation call 24-48 hours prior to the event for a more accurate head count! 

2.    Try to partner with industry influencers:
One way to do this is to check out Instagram’s “explore” tab or search hashtags for people or organizations with a lot of followers. People with the similar interests/posts in what you are promoting might be interested in your event. It’s also a great way to gain exposure! The more followers these influencers have, the more people may be interested in your event. You can offer them free tickets to the event in exchange for a mention in one of their posts! 

3.    Lastly, utilize social media to promote your event:
So many of us use Facebook for recommendations. Your connections will see you have an event, which they might be interested in. Facebook even offers an online fundraising feature, so if your event relies solely on donations, this is a great way to raise money! 

So, take some of the burden off yourself and consider the helpful strategies listed above. Your goal is to have an easy registration process, have as many attendees as possible, partner with a social media influencer to increase positive publicity and market on platforms that people look at every day. For other tips and tricks feel free to take a look at our website: